Parks & Recreation

The city of Seabrook has 18 named parks and over 200 acres of parkland. Several of the parks are connected by a hike and bike trail that can be used all year long. The trails are one of Seabrook’s most popular attractions and several marathons and fun runs are held on the trails each year. Please take note that the Pine Gully Fishing Pier is closed. 

If you are looking for a place to hold your event, then look no further the Seabrook Community House or one of our beautiful parks. City facilities are owned and operated by the City of Seabrook and residents receive discounted rates.

In addition to hike and bike trails, Seabrook parks are great for the nature enthusiasts. Birding is quite popular with the locals and visitors.

City Parks
Seabrook has an extensive park system. Check out all of our parks, and even learn how you can rent a pavilion.

Community House
The Community House is the perfect location for your meetings or events.

Disc Golf
Check our our Disc Golf course, right next door to the swimming pool. It is the perfect place to unwind after a long day.

Seabrook has an array events that happen year round. If you're planning on visiting Seabrook, check out our events list and plan your trip around some of our great events.

Natural Playground at Pine Gully
This natural playground is environmentally sound and a safer than traditional playgrounds. Check out all the features.

Rent a City Facility Submit and online City of Seabrook Facility Rental Application.

Seabrook Open Space and Parks Master Plan (PDF)
Take a look at what the City of Seabrook has planned for our open spaces and parks.

Skateboard Park
Our unique skate park is sure to be a big hit with your kids!

Swimming Pool
Cool down this summer with a visit to our extensive swimming pool.

Trail System
Several parks are connected with an extensive trail system throughout the city. These trails are perfect for runners, walkers and even bikers.