Muscovy Ducks

The Seabrook City Council recently passed ordinance no. 2012-22, and that ordinance removes “Cairina moschata” (commonly known as Muscovy ducks) from protected status within the City of Seabrook. Citizens who are experiencing problems related to the occupation of Muscovy ducks can now take action to have the ducks removed. Removal of the ducks has to comply with the U.S. Department of Interior Fish and Wildlife Services in regard to disposal or relocation of Muscovy ducks.

Muscovy Ducks - Google Image

Citizens who wish to remove Muscovy ducks from their property will do so by providing their own trapping system (baited walk-in traps). Trapped birds will be collected by the city of Seabrook Animal Control services. Citizens shall not trap and relocate the birds themselves, as relocating violates the provisions set forth by the Department of Fish and Wildlife Services. Ducks cannot be removed with the use of firearms. Discharging a firearm is prohibited within the Seabrook city limits.

Steps can be taken to prevent the occupation of Muscovy ducks. The most common reason for their presence is an open food source. Feeding the ducks encourages their habitation and breeding.

If a Muscovy duck is trapped, please contact the city of Seabrook Animal Control at (281) 291.5644 to arrange for proper collection of the bird.