Frequently Asked Questions

Voluntary Vs. Mandatory Evacuation

A “voluntary” or “recommended” evacuation order is issued when the threat to lives is not yet imminent but conditions exist or such circumstances may exist in the near future. It is “recommended” that persons relocate to a safer location.

A “mandatory” evacuation order is issued when danger is imminent and conditions exist that seriously imperil or endanger the lives of those in a defined area. Persons are “strongly urged” people to relocate to a safer location. Personal discretion is not to be considered a deciding factor. A person who refuses to comply with a “mandatory” evacuation order shall not be forcibly removed from his home; however, all public services will be suspended during a mandatory evacuation, and those failing to comply with a mandatory evacuation order shall not be rescued or provided with other lifesaving assistance. Because of deteriorating weather conditions, at some point evacuation routes will be closed.

What Evacuation Zone is Seabrook in?

Seabrook is in Zip Zone A, shown in yellow on the map below (click to enlarge):


Where can I find shelter?

Residents may show up at the shelters listed below at any time. Harris County does not have any transportation assistance in place since current orders are voluntary and not mandatory. Please be advised that this is state ran shelter and all COVID-19 safety measures will be observed. Conditions will not be optimal and with any large gatherings, people are at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19. It is highly encouraged for residents to contact family and friends or consider relocating to a hotel.

  • San Antonio
    254 Gembler Road
    San Antonio, TX 78219
  • Austin
    Circuit of the Americas
    9201 Circuit of the Americas Boulevard
    Austin, TX 78617
  • Dallas-Fort Worth
    Mesquite Reception Center
    15515 E. IH-20
    Mesquite, TX 75181
  • Ellis County
    Knights of Columbus Hall
    850 IH-45
    Ennis, TX 75119