What to Expect

Ameresco & RTS/EnvoCore contractors will be wearing bright yellow shirts with partner logos, placards on their trucks/vans, and carrying a letter on City of Seabrook letterhead.

  1. Prior to installation, our Ameresco & RTS/EnvoCore team will place a door hanger on your door to notify you that your meter will be replaced soon. 
  2. On your home's scheduled installation day an Ameresco/RTS/EnvoCore worker will knock on your door to notify you that the replacement is about to begin and that the water will be turned off to your home. Installers will also be carrying an official City of Seabrook letter in the event you have questions. 
  3. If no one answers the door, the installers will check to see if your water is currently running in your home. If the water is not running in your home, installers will turn off the water to your home to begin the replacement of your water meter. 
  4. If the water in your home is running and no one answers the door, then installers will move to the next home and will return to your home later that same day and will try again. A door hanger will be placed on your door if the replacement of your meter was unsuccessful for any reason
  5. Typical interruption of service is less than 30 minutes.

If you still notice air or sediment in the house plumbing, please perform additional flushing of interior lines by running a high-flowing line on cold, such as or bathtub, for a few minutes until your system is flushed.  Do not use hot water to flush your system. 

door hanger - front - replacement