Tookies Seafood

What do enjoy most about Seabrook?

"Seabrook is a great community with friendly smiling faces. It's a convenient location with everything nearby. There is a market for seafood here in Seabrook which puts Tookie's Seafood in a great location to serve our area."   


How did you start Tookies Seafood?

"It started as Tookie's Hamburgers right here in Seabrook. As land became available, I wanted to expand the Tookie's brand and build a second restaurant here in Seabrook." 

What inspired you?

"With fresh seafood available in our Waterfront District, I wanted to build the "Seafood Capital" of Texas! There is a market for seafood in our area, hence Tookie's Seafood came to fruition."  

How are things going?

"The Tookie's name has expanded into a great seafood restaurant that has been open for 6 years now, along with high quality of food and exceptional staff."