Quantum Sails

Tell us about an accomplishment that you are most proud of.

"Our sailing record has won many world championships. We made sails for the America's Cup throughout the years. More importantly, we have continued to promote the sport and generated more sailing as part of entertainment and ambassadors of fun. The human aspect and the growth of the sport are what we are most proud of. "

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When did the company start?

"Since 1968. The company went through various name changes throughout the years. Then three of us decided to start a new company in 1996 called Quantum Sails."

Why open in Seabrook?

"The building and location were already established in sail-making throughout the years. The sailing community was growing here in Seabrook and the need for sail-makers was always going to be here."

How bit is your business?

"We have 5 employees here in Seabrook. We have 53 lofts around the world. We have 5 manufacturing facilities in the world."

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