Tell us about an accomplishment that you are most proud of.

"We have grown from a little team of 4 people to become the top player in our part of our industry in North/Central America. The company's five business fields include chemical products for screen and textile printing, adhesives, cleaning agents, resists & coatings, as well services. With motivated and qualified staff led by an experienced management team, we embrace a successful future. Our investments in research and development as well as the steady expansion of our business enable us to make ground-breaking innovations and guarantee our continued success. Now celebrating 125 years!"

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When did the company start?

"Our company started in Germany in 1876. Four generations later, we are still family-owned and serve a multitude of industries today. We develop, manufacture and sell imaging materials for the screen printing market around the world and our hub services North and Central American from right here in Seabrook since 1982."

Why was Seabrook selected?

"We initially came to the USA through a joint venture. The local partner convinced us that the Houston area was a great place to establish a U.S. base since he loved boating and lived close to the water. Land was being developed on Marvin Circle in Seabrook and we were the first or second building constructed there."

How big is your business?

"We have about 45 employees and growing. We have moved our emulsion manufacturing team from New York to Seabrook. Today, KIWO (Kissel + Wolf) is the mother company of the KIWO, ARC (Albert Rose Chemicals) and ULANO brands. With competent distribution partners, KIWO is active in more than 120 countries and is well positioned for future challenges."

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