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Posted on: June 7, 2021

Seabrook Recognized as Gold Star Affiliate by Keep Texas Beautiful

Keep Texas Beautiful Affiliation

Keep Texas Beautiful (KTB), a statewide grassroots environmental and community improvement non-profit organization, recently named Seabrook a Gold Star Affiliate, a designation granted to 70 affiliates of KTB’s nearly 300 affiliates. Gold Star recognition is the membership recognition highest status any community affiliate can achieve. 


In 2004, the organization introduced the concept of Gold Star recognition to reward those communities who sought to go above and beyond the established requirements. To remain in good standing with KTB, community affiliates must submit a report, pay dues, attend training and participate in a KTB-endorsed activity annually.  


To achieve Gold Star status, affiliates must share information on their mission and goals, answer questions about their economic development and diversity and inclusion practices, or participate in the Beautify Texas Awards or Governor’s Community Achievement Awards programs, and provide a letter of support from their community.  KTB will formally recognize Gold Star communities during its 54th Annual Conference in June. 


“Our affiliates are the backbone of our organization. We are proud to honor those going above and beyond to keep their communities clean and beautiful,” says Suzanne Kho, Executive Director of Keep Texas Beautiful. “Our Gold Star Affiliates are educating and engaging community members, actively recruiting and managing volunteers, hosting cleanup and beautification events throughout their community and so much more.”


In 2020 alone, KTB affiliates engaged 20,917 volunteers who contributed 37,857 hours to collect 1 million pounds of waste and recyclables from Texas roadways, trails, and waterways.  Seabrook successfully implemented programs to clean up litter, reduce and recycle waste, educate local citizens, and beautify and enhance the local community.


Seabrook has 18 named parks and over 200 acres of parkland most of which is connected with over 13.5 miles of hike and bike trails. The trails are one of Seabrook’s most popular attractions and several marathons and fun runs are held on the trails each year. The City of Seabrook Public Works department is responsible for maintaining the parks and trails with the help of community volunteers. Over 100 new trees are planted each year and every fall the city holds an annual Fall Sweep event to help keep our city clean. 


“Seabrook is a beautiful city located on Galveston Bay and Clear Lake, but it is the spirit of community that makes Seabrook a wonderful place to live,” said Seabrook Mayor Thom Kolupski. “We have dedicated members of the community who spend hundreds of hours volunteering to help keep Seabrook beautiful and we are so thankful and proud of their wonderful work.”

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