How do I commend or submit a complaint on a police department employee?

Commending an employee

There are times when employees go above and beyond their call for duty.  Law Enforcement employees, like everyone else, appreciate it when their good deeds are noticed. Too often they are remembered for the traffic tickets they issue or the arrests they have to make, and not for the thousands of helping hands they extend. If an employee of the Seabrook Police Department provides service that you feel should be commended, fill out a compliment form that is available online or at Seabrook Police Dispatch located at 1400 Cook Street, Seabrook, Texas, 77586. Chief Sean Wright will see that it gets to the employee and that a copy is placed in the employee’s personnel file. Citizen compliments boost employees morale, encourages them and all other employees of the Department to be more positive.  We are proud of the good relationship we share with the community.

Complaint against an employee

The complaint process is designed to deal with each case factually and fairly. Citizens who file complaints are treated respectfully, and their accusations are taken seriously. All complaints are investigated.  Citizens can file complaints by submitting a written form obtained online or at the Seabrook Police Department located at 1400 Cook Street, Seabrook, Texas, 77586.  A complaint does not need to be completed on the form available but does need to be in writing and signed.  All complaints will be documented and forwarded for review. Many complaints can be explained satisfactorily by a visit or telephone call to the employee’s supervisor. The supervisor will talk with you about the complaint and try to resolve it. In order to ensure the integrity of the Department, all complaints are reviewed.

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