When will these projects be constructed?

The bond program is intended to last for 5 years.  If the bond program is approved by voters, the City anticipates selling the first and majority of the debt from this program in 2024.  The design fees and construction costs for the proposed Public Safety and Municipal Court facility and the expansion for the Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Management Department for approximately $30,100,000 of the total would require the bulk of the proceeds.   In 2026, the City project to sell the remaining portion of the total bond program as the Fire Truck and Fire Training Tower are completed.   If approved, a more specific schedule, showing when individual projects are planned to begin would be developed.   Due to the high fees that full design and architectural drawings are for facilities, the full design cost would not be approved until results of bond election. 

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1. What is a Bond Election? How does it work?
2. Will this bond program raise my taxes if all three bond propositions are approved?
3. When will these projects be constructed?
4. Who decided that these specific projects would be part of the bond program?
5. Who do I contact for more information?