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Rex L. Meador Park

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Parks Rental Rates and Rules (PDF - 2017)


  1. Baseball / Softball
  2. Basketball
  3. BBQ Grill
  4. Benches
  5. Hike & Bike Trail
  6. Pavilion
  7. Restrooms
  8. Skate Park
  9. Volleyball Court
  10. Water Fountain

Seabrook residents know the X in Rex L. Meador stands for X-treme! The young and old alike gather here to make use of our skate park, sand volleyball pits and covered basketball courts. This 21 acre park has everything one would need for a fantastic day. Rex Meador is located on the corner of North Meyer Road and Hammer Street, making it easy to find, and is also adjacent to the Evelyn Meador Branch Library and Miramar Park.

Our covered pavilion is one of the only in the area to feature electricity, meaning the party can stay on longer or just make sure your phone stays on while you play. Never miss a call from mom or a photo opportunity! Our hike and bike trail system winds through here as well so the adventure can continue all over town. 

Meador Pavilion Reservation Information

  DepositRental Fee
 Non-Resident $150$150

Available for reservation between the hours of Sunrise and 10:00pm.

Bounce houses must be registered with the City of Seabrook.