Public Information Request

According to Texas Government Code Chapter 552, the City of Seabrook operates as a governing body, and information and records are subject to the Texas Public Information Act. The purpose of the Public Information Act is to maintain the people's control over the instruments they have created. The Act requires the Office of the Attorney General to construe the Act liberally in favor of open government. 

If you would like to request records via the Public Information Act please complete the City of Seabrook Public Information Request form

External Request Procedure

All information requests by the public for official documents from the City of Seabrook should be directed through the City Secretary's Office. We make every effort to supply this information as quickly as possible. If the information cannot be produced for inspection or duplication within 10 business days after the request is made, the City of Seabrook will certify in writing a reasonable time when the information will be made available. PLEASE NOTE: It is possible that requests sent by email could be blocked by the City's Firewall.  If you do not receive a response to your request or some other form of communication about your request from the City within 10 business days of your request, please call the Office of the City Secretary at (281) 291-5663 or (281) 291-5736.

Production of Records

Records are normally available in paper form. The requestor will be notified when the records are available so he/she can arrange to pick up the records from City Hall. Records that are available electronically will be sent by this method when requested and if an email address has been provided.

Records can be sent by mail, provided the requester prepays all charges, including postage and handling.  

Availability of Records

The City of Seabrook Municipal Code is available for review within Municode

City Council and city board/commission/committee minutes for the previous 12 months are available within the Online Library

Current agendas, minutes, and public notices can be found on the website's Agenda Center

Information Denied

Under the Texas Public Information Act, there are a number of exceptions to the requirement that the public be granted access to any information by a governmental body. Please contact the City Secretary's Office for more information at (281) 291-5663.

Charges for Public Information Requests

The table below lists the most common charges for public information and is not an exhaustive list. Questions concerning charges or expected charges for public information should be addressed to the City Secretary's Office at (281) 291-5663.

Standard-sized paper copies
$.10 per page
Paper copies larger than 11x17
Actual Cost
$1 each
DVD$3 each
Remote Document Retrieval Cost
Actual Cost
Actual Cost
(Actual time incurred in locating, compiling, manipulating data, and copying for 50 copies or more or if documents are retrieved off-site.)
$15 per hour
$28.50 per hour
If labor is charged
20% of labor cost
Body Camera Recording$10 per recording, plus $1 per full minute of footage