Most construction requires a Building Permit, however, cosmetic changes and non-structural repairs may not require one. If in doubt, please contact the Building Department. Permit applications and plan documentation may be submitted Via E-Mail:

Visit HARRIS COUNTY APPRAISAL DISTRICT (HCAD) to verify the address for your project is within the corporate limits of the City of Seabrook.

Permits are Required For:

  • Fill, Grading, and Clearing of Land
  • Storage Buildings
  • Swimming Pools, including Hot Tubs and Spas over 24" deep
  • Driveway or Patio Extensions (Paving)
  • New Roofs or Roof Repairs
  • Window and door installation and replacement
  • Siding Repair and replacement.
  • Patio Covers, Porches, or Sun Rooms
  • Photo Voltaic Solar Array and Back Gas Generators.
  • Foundation Repairs and Re-Adjustments
  • House or Building Moving
  • Building Demolition
  • Gas Reconnections
  • Electrical Reconnections (if meter has been removed)
  • Air Conditioning Unit and Water Heater Replacements
  • Permanent and Temporary Signs and Banners
  • Trade Work - Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC Modification or Additions
  • Tree Removal
  • Mobile Food Vendors (NEW)
  • Pipeline Permits 

Please Note: Work requiring permits may not start until the permit is issued by the Building Department. Permit applications must be reviewed and approved by department staff, all fees are calculated at that time. We accept Cash, Check,  MasterCard and Visa payments for building permits and registrations (online payments are now available, once registered, at; Municipal Payments Seabrook on the city's Main Web Page). We do not process Phone Payments.



Contractors doing work in the City of Seabrook are required to register with the Building Department. Download Registration Form (PDF)

Each of the following must be received, approved, and entered into our system before any work may be permitted or commenced in the City of Seabrook. NOTE: Per Texas State Law, Fire, Plumbing, and Electrical contractors are not required to pay registration fees but are still required to register in order to pull permits.

  • Completed Contractor’s Registration Application
  • Proof of Insurance stating the City of Seabrook as a Certificate Holder (Proof of Insurance must be sent directly from the insurance provider. Proof of insurance forms will not be accepted from the contractor or license holder.) 
    • Minimum Coverage: $100,000 occurrence /$300,000 aggregate
  • Color Copy of the Driver’s License of the State Licensee or Owner of the Company or being registered.
  • Color Copy of State License (Responsible Master) or other required state licenses (When applicable).
  • $75.00 registration fee for Contractor or Licensee being registered (When Applicable).

The Company Owner,  Master, or other required license holders for the company must come to the Seabrook Public Works Complex at 1100 Red Bluff Rd. in-person to complete the registration process and pull the first permit for the company. If this is not possible, a notarized letter of release from the Company’s  Owner, CEO, or Master,  may be submitted to the Building Department. The Letter shall be on the companies letterhead and contain a list of the authorized person(s) allowed to pull permits in the company’s name or under their Master license.

Submitting Plans

When submitting your plans for review, we request the following format be used: Submit a filled out Permit application and one (1) digital copy of plans and supporting documents.  Permit applications and plan documentation may be submitted Via E-Mail:  Once approved, two (2) complete sets of paper plans and supporting documentation must be provided to the Building Department (typical only large commercial permits).  Plans must be drawn accurately and to scale. Necessary proof of compliance from other agencies is required at the time of submittal including G.L.O., Army Corp, TDLR, Harris County Health, Etc. Review time for residential and miscellaneous projects is approximately 7 working days, with approximately 14 working days for commercial projects. Assistance and information may be obtained by calling 281 - 291- 5669

Permit applications and plan documentation may be submitted Via E-Mail: