Applications & Fees

You must complete a Land Development Application in order to request a change to the following: Zoning Change/Planned Unit Development (PUD); Text Change, Conditional Use Permit, Plat (Preliminary, Final, Amending); and, Board of Adjustment Variance Request.

If you have any questions on how to complete any of these documents, please contact Sean Landis at (281) 291-5705.

These fees are a minimum charge. In addition to the below, the applicant will be responsible for any professional fees incurred plus 10% for administrative costs.

Fee Schedule

Zoning Change$750
Planned Unit Development$1,500
Preliminary Plat Review$1,000
Preliminary Plat Review for Replats$1,500
Final Plat Review$1,500
Short-Form Plat Review$1,500
Amended Plat$1,000
Public Infrastructure Review$500
Conditional Use Permit$1,000
Board of Adjustment Request$500 (per request)

Professional review (prior to formal application) is a $500 deposit (balance due or refunded).