Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

The objective of the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Service is:

  • To reduce commercial motor vehicle accidents through the enforcement of Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
  • To protect the roadways from unnecessary damage by securing compliance with state laws regulating the weight of commercial vehicles
  • To ensure equitable payment of commercial vehicle registration fees by enforcement of registration laws
  • To protect the rights, privileges, and safety of the general public in the use of the public highway system by securing compliance with traffic laws and regulations applicable to the operation of all vehicles


Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) currently is made up of one officer who is federally and state-certified to conduct commercial vehicle inspections and weight enforcement. This officer is tasked with observing and enforcing both federal and state violations against trucking companies and is also a certified accident reconstructionist and is on call 24/7 for accidents causing serious bodily injury or death. He is a certified hazardous materials (HAZMAT) responder, who can assist the fire department in calls of this type of nature.

CVE also attends monthly lunch meetings with local trucking companies to cooperatively bring all commercial vehicles into compliance with state and federal regulations. CVE currently reports to the daytime patrol sergeant and covers patrol shifts when needed.

Contact Us

If you need to contact someone within our Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Office, please email Sergeant LaFosse.