Crime Prevention

The Seabrook Police Department's goal is to enhance the quality of life in the city of Seabrook by working cooperatively with the public to prevent crime, enforce the law, preserve the peace and provide a safe environment. 

The Seabrook Police Department wants you to be safe and comfortable in your home and during your daily activities, whether leisure or work. And although the department works very hard to create the safest environment possible, it is very important to remember that all citizens play a vital part in crime prevention. Crime prevention is truly a police-community partnership. By working together, we can reduce crime and enhance the quality of life. 

Crime prevention is the anticipation, recognition and appraisal of a crime risk and the initiation of some action to remove or reduce it. It is important to be aware a crime can occur, anticipating the location and time and taking action to reduce the chance of it happening. The use of instinct, knowledge, common sense and awareness can make you a tough target.

Safety & Crime Prevention Tips

All tips are provided by the National Crime Prevention Association.