History of Carothers

Carothers Coastal Gardens on Galveston Bay was purchased by Durell and Grace Carothers in 1954 as a bayside retreat for their family. The property consists of 8.5 acres flanking Seabrook’s beautiful Pine Gully Park.

In 2007, the Seabrook community voted to add the much-loved estate to the Seabrook park system through a bond referendum. The hacienda-style house opened in 2011 as an event venue wrapped in a serene garden setting with glorious views of the bay.

The buildings originally consisted of a simple frame house with wide porches and a small bunkhouse. In the 1990s, Durell’s daughter, Drusilla, remodeled both buildings in mission-style, celebrating the area’s early Spanish land-grant history. She and designer Alan R. Thayer included whimsical details of carved stone, custom ironwork, and Mexican ceramics.

Drusilla Dickson

Born in Houston, where she also raised her family, Dru Dickson (nee Carothers) was a larger-than-life figure of classic Texan vigor and southern elegance. She loved the gracious architecture and spirited folk art of Mexico, which inspired much of the homes interior design. Dru had a special love for plants, establishing a beautiful garden and helping others with landscape design.

Her home, grounds and beach were always open to family and friends and were the settings for celebrations. With her distinctive blend of hospitality and informality, Dru supplied a safe haven and retreat for a cadre of friends, many of whom were ill or in crisis.

Serving on Seabrook’s Park Board, Dru backed the development of the popular trails connecting the city’s parks, and she served on the ecotourism committee. In her last months, she walked the trails daily with her friends.