Flood Protection Assistance

Citizens in Seabrook can obtain information on flood protection assistance from the Seabrook Building Department. This assistance may include site-specific flood and flood-related data, information on historical flooding in the neighborhood, and sources for financial assistance.

The State of Texas administers several mitigation grants that offer financial assistance to property owners looking to mitigate their flood-prone structures. Some of the available grants include:

These grants can be used for various purposes such as acquisition, elevation, retrofitting, flood control projects, or other forms of property protection. In the RFC grant program, projects are limited to structures that have suffered repetitive losses. Severe repetitive loss involves specific criteria related to NFIP claim payments.

Citizens are encouraged to pursue mitigation options that permanently reduce or eliminate future flooding damage to their homes. The FEMA website provides helpful information on the application development and process for these grants.

It's important to note that flood insurance is often a better option than federal disaster assistance. Even if a citizen receives federal disaster assistance, carrying flood insurance may be a requirement for the life of the structure. Understanding these options and requirements ahead of time is crucial for effective disaster preparedness.