Adoption Program

The adoption program allows groups or individuals to assume the maintenance and responsibility for designated parks or even planters within the parks. This program fosters a sense of pride and ownership in our parks. 

Adopt a Park

The Open Space and Trails Committee in conjunction with the Seabrook Parks Department has identified several parks throughout the city that need monthly care and maintenance. We have many groups who have already adopted parks in our community and with our parks system constantly changing and growing we now need more volunteers. Available parks include:

  • The Butterfly Garden inside Hester Park, 3029 Todville Road
  • Morhausen Park Garden, 110 Second Street
  • Veterans Memorial Garden, 1106 Second Street
Adoption period is one year and subject to renewal. If you need assistance or have any questions about this program please contact our City Secretary's Office at (281) 291.5663 or (281) 291.5736. 

Adopt a Planter

Is an entire park too much to maintain? Then maybe your should consider adopting a planter. Simply plant and tend to the planters on an as needed basis. It is that simple! Planters available to adoption are located at:

  • The Community House, 1700 First Street
  • Baybrook Park, 4221 Todville Road
  • Friendship Park, 4622 Park Road
  • Robinson Park, 702 Red Bluff Road

Volunteer Today

Simply fill out this form to get started. We will need your basic contact information plus identify how you would like help and someone from the City or the Open Space and Trails Committee will contact you to discuss the next step. It is that simple really!
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