Seabrook's waterfront location makes it one of the area's most popular fishing destinations. Fish in Galveston Bay include bluefish and yellow fish, king and Spanish mackerel, cownose rays and northern stingrays, flounder, whiting, pompano, sheepshead, speckled trout, sand trout and blacktip, bull, hammerhead, sand and bonnethead sharks.

Pine Gully Park
The fishing pier at Pine Gully Park is 1,000-foot with plenty of space for your entire family to fish. The park is more than 50-acres and features a new Natural Playground plus it is connected to the city's Hike and Bike Trail System. Pine Gully Park is a former Karawankawa Native American camp site.

Fish Kill
From time to time Seabrook waterways may experience a "fish kill" which is where a large number of small fish will wash up on shore. Please do not be alarmed by the occurrence, it is completely natural. Read more...