Speed Watch

Speeding drivers on neighborhood streets are one of the most common complaints received by the Seabrook Police Department and the Streets Department in Public Works.

Neighborhood Speed Watch is a three-part program designed to address the concerns of our community. The program is a partnership between the Seabrook Police Department and our citizens and is initiated by citizens concerned about speeding vehicles in their neighborhood.

The “Shield 12” speed monitoring device is what is utilized by the Seabrook Police Department on busy streets as well as in subdivisions. The Shield 12 is a self-contained speed display unit that can either be placed on a permanent speed limit sign or some other type of solid pole structure. These are specifically designed to promote speed awareness. The Shield 12 uses a radar unit to determine the speed of vehicles approaching or driving away from the unit. The speed is displayed on the front of the device and a strobe feature can be turned on to catch the attention of oncoming traffic.

What Good Does This Do?

Educating both drivers and residents is important. Residents are, after all, the primary travellers in their own neighborhoods.

Police Enforcement

The use of this trailer has shown to significantly reduce the speed of vehicle traffic. Many drivers do not realize how fast they drive on residential streets. The radar trailer is a tool that helps educate the public. In conjunction with the radar trailer use on residential streets, the Police Department can follow up with increased enforcement. Residents may contact the City of Seabrook's Traffic Hotline at (281) 291-5775 to request that the device be put on their street.


We Want to Help

The City of Seabrook’s priority is keeping streets and neighborhoods safe and accessible. The Speed Watch Program can help drivers slow down.

Have Other Traffic Concerns?

The City of Seabrook has a Residential Traffic Management Program (PDF) that addresses additional concerns such as:

  • No Parking Sign Requests
  • Cut Through Traffic Requests
  • Pedestrian Crossing Requests
  • School Zone Safety Requests
  • Speed Control Requests
  • Traffic Calming Measures

Other neighborhood traffic issues not specifically addressed in this policy may be presented to staff for review by any citizen, business, or group. The Seabrook Public Works-Streets Department staff will work with those parties to review their situation and formulate an appropriate response as necessary. Learn More...