Traffic Management

Speeding drivers on neighborhood streets are one of the most common complaints received by the Seabrook Police Department and the Streets Department in Public Works. The Seabrook Traffic Management Plan is a program designed to address the concerns of our community, in particular speeding. The program is a partnership between the Seabrook Police Department and our citizens and is initiated by residents concerned about traffic violations in their neighborhood.

Residents are encouraged to complete our Residential Traffic Management Request Tracker Form that will address:

  • Speeding
  • Parking violations
  • Non-compliance with stop signs
  • School zone violations
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Intersection control (stop sign, signal, roundabout, etc).

Residents will be asked to describe the traffic concern and for most requests, the City of Seabrook will deploy the "Sheild 12" which is a speed monitoring device that will not only display vehicle speed but also records speed and traffic data. This data is then used to increase enforcement in areas that warrant additional officers.  

Residents may also request the following in addition to the speed watch device and increased enforcement:

  • Parking prohibition
  • Speed bumps (additional cost may be incurred by HOA)
  • Brush Trimming
  • Stop sign (traffic study may be required)
  • Traffic signal (traffic study may be required)
  • Permanent speed display sign (additional cost may be incurred by HOA)

The online form is part of the Residential Traffic Management Program (PDF) and is the first step in notifying the city of traffic issues in your neighborhood. The Seabrook Police Department will work with Public Works and area partners to address residential traffic concerns.