In an effort to improve transparency with our community we will post city contracts to this page.

Contract Number
Company Description Expiration Date
K2018-01 (PDF)
HWY 146: Red Bluff to South of NASA RD1
Open - 9/18
K2018-02 (PDF)
CobbFendley Hester Gully Acquisition Project Open - 9/18
K2018-03 (PDF)
CobbFendley Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrades Phase II Open - 9/18
K2018-04 (PDF)
Pacific Ridge Water Tower Open - 9/18
K2018-05 (PDF)
SWA Houston HWY 146 Landscaping and Branding
Open - 9/18
K2018-06 (PDF)
    Open - 9/18