Police Operations

Patrol Division

The Seabrook Police Department’s Patrol Division is comprised of four rotating 12-hour shifts. The day shift begins at 6:00 a.m. and is relieved by the night shift which begins at 6:00 p.m.

The shifts are supervised by a Patrol Sergeant and manned by Patrol Officers. The patrol division works seven days a week, 24 hours a day, including holidays. Patrol Officers are dispatched to calls for service and are considered first-line investigators. Duties of the Patrol Division include patrolling the city, responding to calls for service, traffic enforcement, and operating the City of Seabrook Jail. The patrol division utilizes marked patrol vehicles, ATVs, bicycles, and a boat.

Bicycle Patrol

The Seabrook Police Bicycle Patrol consists of officers who have received special certification in the operation of police bicycles. Officers that are assigned to this patrol commonly patrol neighborhoods, city parks, as well, as the over 13 miles of walking trails throughout Seabrook. The bicycle patrol can patrol areas of the city that are inaccessible to a patrol car.

Marine Patrol

The Seabrook Police Marine Division is a special division of patrol. The division is manned by Police Officers who have been specially certified as Marine Safety Officers through the State of Texas Parks and Wildlife. The Officers of the Marine Patrol operate a 23-foot, Boston Whaler, that is powered by a 250-hp Yamaha motor. Marine Safety Officers patrol the waterways and marinas located in Seabrook and also assist with community boating events that are held in the area. The Seabrook Police Marine Division is listed with the United States Coast Guard as a local asset capable of assisting with marine-related incidents, including search and rescue operations in Clear Lake, Galveston Bay, the channel under the Seabrook Bridge, and the Port of Houston.

Police Administration

Support Services


Communications Division

The Communications Division of the Seabrook Police Department is responsible for answering 911 calls and non-emergency phone calls from the public. The communications division is the central communications "hub" for which information flows in and out to emergency responders and to citizens. The Seabrook Police Department Communications Office dispatches for the Seabrook Police Department, Seabrook Emergency Medical Services, and for Seabrook Volunteer Fire Department through the Harris County Digital Radio System.

Telecommunications Officers (dispatchers) are also responsible for data entry into local, state, and national databases. They enter information on stolen vehicles, stolen property, protective orders, and information on missing persons, and AMBER Alerts. By utilizing databases the Telecommunications Officers are able to confirm entries on stolen property and arrest warrants. Telecommunication Operators are the "first" first responder on each and every 911 call.

The Communications Division is staffed by eight qualified and trained dispatchers who work 12-hour shifts. Each shift is staffed by 2 dispatchers who work in tandem to provide effective, efficient, and professional service when dispatching emergency personnel.