Seabrook Trail Adventures

Trails - Jog

By far, the Seabrook Hike and Bike Trail System is one of the most popular systems in the Greater Houston Area. The hike and bike trails interconnect Seabrook parks with just over thirteen miles of trails. Download Seabrook Trail and Park Map (PDF) - or log onto our GIS System to view trails, parks and much more!

Trails - Water

Several of the trails wind up and down the Galveston Bay shoreline and many have encountered all types of wildlife including whitetail deer, Texas armadillos, and even a few alligators. The trails are ideal for walkers, runners, and cyclists and many will walk the trails just to catch a glimpse of the birds.

Trails - Diverse Habitat

Walkers, runners, and bikers enjoy the beautiful landscape and will see a variety of wildlife including birds, butterflies, turtles, white-tailed deer and, on occasion, even a bottle-nosed dolphin at Pine Gully Park.

Trails - Scenic

Average temperatures range from 62 to 92 degrees in Seabrook making the trails popular year-round; in fact, the trails are amazing during the fall and spring.

Trails - Benches

Relax along the trails taking time to sit and listen to nature’s music while you take a deep breath of the smell from the sweet blossoms and the beautiful tree canopy.