Residential Golf Cart Information

The City of Seabrook recently amended an ordinance pertaining to the use of golf carts within city limits. Golf carts that have not been registered and permitted may be cited and fined per city ordinance.  Please take a minute to review the following information:

Obtaining a permit

  • All golf carts must be registered with the City of Seabrook and display their current registration sticker, as shown above, on the front panel of the driver’s side of the golf cart.
  • A $50.00 registration fee is due at the time of the appointment, and a $25.00 renewal fee is due bi-annually.
  • Upon scheduling, a member of SPD will inspect the golf cart for adherence to Ordinance 2019-29.


  • Schedule an appointment with Officer Kim Boniface by either calling 281-291-5619 or emailing
  • Be sure to have the following information on hand during the inspection:
    • Name, physical, and mailing address of the applicant/golf cart owner
    • The location where the golf cart is regularly stored
    • Make, model and golf cart ID number
    • Current driver’s license information of the owner
    • Car insurance policy


  • Golf carts must be equipped with headlights, tail lamps, reflectors, parking brakes, rearview mirror(s) and a slow-moving vehicle emblem.
  • Gas-powered golf carts must be equipped with an exhaust system in good, working order.
  • Golf carts that have been altered to exceed speeds of 25mph are prohibited.


  • Operators of golf carts must carry a valid Texas drivers’ license.
  • Operators of golf carts must abide by all vehicular traffic regulations.
  • Golf carts are PROHIBITED on sidewalks and the hike & bike trail.
  • Golf carts may only be operated on a public street/highway if the posted speed limit is 30 mph or lower.
  • Golf carts may not exceed speeds of 15 mph at any time.
  • Golf carts are PROHIBITED on any public roadway or highway, including posted cart paths, while under construction or repair.
  • Operators shall not operate a golf cart between lanes of traffic or on medians.
  • Golf carts shall move to the right and yield the right-of-way to faster moving vehicles. Parents are encouraged to use extreme caution if a child under the age of 5 rides in a golf cart during posted school zone hours. A child’s maturity level and ability to sit still and remain in the cart while moving should be taken into consideration prior to allowing a child under the age of 5 to ride in a golf cart.  
  • Golf cart passengers must remain seated in designated seats and not exceed the seating capacity designated by the manufacturer.
  • No passengers are permitted to sit in the lap or another person operating or being transported in the golf cart.
  • Children under the age of 5 (five) years old are not permitted with the exception of during posted school zone hours or when school zone lights are active.
  • All registered golf carts are required to place their permit sticker on the front windshield.

Read the full ordinance here: Ordinance 2019-29