Fire Marshal's Office


The Seabrook Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO) is responsible for the protection of life and property through code enforcement, plans review, fire and life safety inspections and fire cause determination.

We focus our efforts by proactively enforcing the city’s Fire Code to ensure that existing commercial buildings remain fire-safe, by educating both the business community as well as the community at large in fire safety procedures and practices, and by providing technical expertise to the city’s Building Department and Building Inspections Division on life-safety systems installed in new and remodeled buildings.

Our responsibilities also include responding to fires to identify the origin and cause of accidental and intentionally set fires in order to prevent future fires. To determine fire origin and cause an examination and excavation of the fire scene is conducted. The fire scene is documented, evidence is collected, and interviews of owners, occupants, bystanders, witnesses, victims, and informants are conducted. We design fire safety education around the fire origin and cause that we obtain.

Mission Statement

We the members of the Seabrook Fire Marshal’s Office exist to serve the citizens of and visitors to our community with respect, fairness, and compassion.  We are dedicated to the prevention of crime, the protection of life and property, the maintenance of law and order, the enforcement of laws and ordinances, and upholding the constitutional rights of all those within our jurisdiction.

With a philosophy of full service to our customers, we have established goals & objectives designed to achieve our mission.  Through the investigation of all offenses and incidents that come to our attention, we seek to develop and preserve a high quality of life in a small town waterfront atmosphere,

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of law enforcement conduct and ethics.  We seek to earn and maintain public confidence by holding ourselves responsible to those we serve.  With the knowledge that we are servants to the public, we dedicate ourselves to professional growth and development through effective leadership and training.