In-Person Court Date Appointments

Now Available

As we continue to practice social distancing, the Seabrook Municipal Court is preparing to host in-person court sessions. We will be checking temperatures, asking that everyone wear a mask, setting the courtroom with chairs 6 feet apart, and much more. Court will be scheduled with appointments to see the Judge and SMS texts will notify you when it is your turn to appear in the courtroom from your vehicle.

We ask that you please contact the court upon receiving a citation, so we can further assist you with our new processes. Appreciate your patience as we work safely with you. We continue to work with limited staff, and we appreciate your email or your voicemail if we are unable to answer your phone call.

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Give us a call at (281) 291-5715
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Vulnerable Population Notice

Any Individual who: (1) is over age 65 or (2) has any serious underlying health conditions, such as: a. high blood pressure, b. chronic lung disease, c. diabetes, d. obesity, e. asthma, or (3) has an immune system that is compromised such as by chemotherapy for cancer or other conditions requiring such therapy, you are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to contact any Seabrook Municipal Court Staff Member at (281) 291-5674 to identify yourself as a vulnerable individual and discuss alternate accommodations.