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Posted on: February 16, 2021

Winter Weather Updates

Tuesday Winter Weather Update (1)

Temperatures are expected to continue to increase overnight and throughout the day tomorrow, however, we are starting to see the impacts of the freeze on the city’s water system and can continue to expect controlled electricity outages as temperatures across other portions of the region and state will drop below freezing again tonight. 

The Seabrook water system is nearing critically low levels due to numerous numbers of water leaks throughout the area. The city’s storage capacity has diminished requiring water to be pulled from the city’s wells, which are not able to keep up with demands. All Seabrook water customers should immediately start conserving water. Do not run dishwashers, garbage disposals, or washing machines. Avoid running water for showers and baths unless necessary. Limit flushing toilets as much as possible. 

Please stop dripping your faucets. Temperatures are increasing and the probability of pipes freezing is diminishing. If you are concerned about your pipes freezing, please consider turning the water off to your home and draining your lines. If you opt to do this, you should drain the water into containers that can store the water for other uses.  

The City of Seabrook receives their water from the City of Pasadena who is also experiencing a large number of leaks and cannot guarantee water pressure to their customers. It is very important that Seabrook water customers each do their part to help conserve water. As the leaks are repaired, water supplies and pressure will stabilize. The City of Seabrook Public Works department has been working around the clock to protect, maintain and repair the city’s water and wastewater infrastructure. 

Electricity is still in very high demand and many still do not have power. For those who do have power, please conserve as much as possible. Turn down your thermostats and avoid running appliances or electronics that take large amounts of power. The following statement was released by CenterPoint around 5:00 p.m. this evening. 

We are ready to restore power as soon as it is available to be delivered; however, the electricity we deliver is provided by third-party electricity generators and received through the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). At this time there is not enough electricity from these third-party generators and we have no control over the generators’ ability to provide power, nor are we able to predict when they will resume their generation.

As soon as power is delivered to us, we will be ready to begin to deliver that power. Given uncertain timing and the ongoing public safety risks due to the severe weather conditions in Houston and surrounding areas, we ask our electric customers to be prepared to be without power, potentially for the duration of the generation shortage event, which could last several more days and to take precautions for their personal safety.” Read the full release: 

The main non-emergency line is currently unavailable. We are working to resolve the issue, however, the mainline may be down for the remainder of the evening. Please call (281) 291-0695 or (281) 291-0694 for non-emergencies until the main number is back online. 


At this time, the Seabrook Police Department is unable to safely reopen the Seabrook-Kemah Bridge. Portions of the Kemah side of the bridge still have icy conditions and Kemah PD advises that it is unsafe to open the bridge.

In addition, northbound SH146 on the Red Bluff overpass has patches of ice that have not thawed so it will remain closed. La Porte PD has reported that SH146 is also still closed and Harris County Precinct 8 has advised that SH225 and the Fred Hartman Bridge will also remain closed.

Motorists are encouraged to visit for an updated list of all roadway closures and to find alternative routes if necessary. There have been reports of icing on residential and side streets, so continue to remain safe while traveling.

Seabrook PD will continue to evaluate road conditions and will reopen the roadways once they have completely thawed and when surrounding agencies reopen roads so as to avoid back-flow onto residential streets.


Waste Management has suspended trash and recycling service for Wednesday, February 17, 2021. Tuesday customers will be serviced on their next scheduled pickup day; Saturday, February 20, 2021. If your scheduled pickup day is Wednesday, please do not place your trash bins on the curb tonight or tomorrow.


The virtual Seabrook City Council Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 16 at 6:00 p.m. has been postponed until Wednesday, February 17 at 6:00 p.m. due to continued power outages throughout the area. In the event the meeting has to be postponed again we will post an additional update. You may register for the Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at



City offices will reopen at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, February 17, 2021.  

We encourage everyone to monitor the City of Seabrook’s social media channels and website for additional winter storm updates and to stay off the roads as much as possible. 

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