What is a Bond Election? How does it work?

For a city to pay for larger capital project, cities sell bonds to pay for the projects.   Bonds are sold to investors who looking for a stable return in the future on the money they invest today.  The city commits to repay the bondholders with interest over a specific time period (often twenty years).  Because the repayment is several years, the city only uses bonds for projects that will have a life span of multiple years, like roads, parks and buildings.   The city strives to typically put bond programs forth to the voters every 5-7 years. 

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1. What is a Bond Election? How does it work?
2. Will this bond program raise my taxes if all three bond propositions are approved?
3. When will these projects be constructed?
4. Who decided that these specific projects would be part of the bond program?
5. Who do I contact for more information?