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Seabrook Police Officer or Employee Complaint

  1. The complaint process is designed to deal with each case factually and fairly. Citizens who file complaints are treated respectfully, and their accusations are taken seriously. All complaints are investigated. Citizens can file complaints by submitting a written form obtained online or at the Seabrook Police located at 1400 Cook Street, Seabrook, Texas, 77586. A complaint does not need to be completed on this online form, however, if you do not complete the form, you will need to submit a written and signed letter to the Police Department. All complaints will be documented and forwarded for review.

    Many complaints can be explained satisfactorily by a visit or telephone call to the employee's supervisor. The supervisor will talk with you about the complaint and try to resolve it. In order to insure the integrity of the Department all complaints are reviewed.
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  7. 281-291-5750 | | 1400 Cook Street, Seabrook, Texas 77586
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