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Pelican Trail

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Parks Rental Rates and Rules (PDF - 2017)


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  2. Hike & Bike Trail
Pelican Trail or Pelican Park is located outside of the Seabrook Community House and lies at the heart of the Pelican Path that unites all the Pelicans in Seabrook. 

Most businesses in Seabrook have purchased a pelican from Pelican Project and have customized it to represent their type of business, as well as the city of Seabrook. This project has not only attracted tourism to Seabrook, but united the businesses of the city. Artists from all over Texas have participated in this project, which has attracted future plans for more cultural art projects in Seabrook.

The Pelican Path Project promotes Seabrook’s identity as a community, a migratory bird path, and as a bird sanctuary to both the brown and white pelicans.