Success Stories

The Seabrook EDC continues to seek out ways to work with the business community in attracting new developments. To date, we’ve worked with three companies and have invested heavily in the re-development of a major retail area of the community.

Americano Cafe > Reimbursement of Sales Tax  

Americano Cafe, located at 2900 E. NASA Pkwy., wanted to build a new coffee/cafe type restaurant here in Seabrook. They approached the Seabrook EDC for an incentive to help with their new business in 2019.  The EDC granted Americano Cafe the reimbursement of $34,250 upon opening their new business as well as an additional $34,250 or 5 years sales tax reimbursement.  

KIWO > Reimbursement of Sediment Tank

KIWO, located at 1929 Marvin Circle, approached the Seabrook EDC for an incentive to help with their sedimentation tank relocation and expansion. Due to the growth of their business coupled with the expansion of State Highway 146, KIWO approached the EDC about the need for the relocation and expansion of their underground sedimentation tank. The incentive awarded not only included funds for the tank project, but also the expansion of their workforce at the Seabrook site.

Mario’s Pizza & Pasta > Reimbursement of Permit Fees, Façade Signage & Sales Tax

With the expansion of State Highway 146, Mario’s Pizza had to relocate quickly. They found the perfect location at 2100 NASA Parkway and asked the EDC for incentives. The Seabrook EDC Board approved a total reimbursement of $109,767.48 for façade signage, building permit, grease trap and exterior doors along with sales tax reimbursement of up to 5 years. Mario’s Pizza & Pasta opened at their new location in May 2019 and has been serving delicious mouth-watering pizza and pasta ever since. 

Merlion Thai Restaurant > Reimbursement of Permit Fees & Sales Tax

Merlion Thai Restaurant on 4th was seeking to expand their business in Old Seabrook. They found a new location on Main Street and applied for an incentive with the Seabrook EDC. The EDC Board approved the reimbursement of permit fees up to $33,252 and reimbursement of sales tax in an amount not to exceed $40,000 over the course of 10 years. The restaurant is now located at 1205 Main Street and will be open at their new location in May 2018!

Tookie’s Seafood > Sales Tax Abatement

With the tremendous success of Tookie’s Hamburgers, the EDC wanted to incentivize the expansion of the Tookie’s brand in our hometown. The board worked out a sales tax rebate option that would help land the expansion of the Tookie’s brand in our city first. The restaurant opened in June 2016 and has been an economic development success story for all involved.

Waterfront Drive/The Point > Infrastructure Re-development

Another important area of the community is The Point. This area is known for its vibrant fish markets and eclectic eateries. With the help of a grant from the EDA for disaster recovery due to Hurricane Ike, the Seabrook EDC took on the mission to re-build The Point and bring the area into the next phase of retail growth.