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Park Dedication

The purpose of the Park Dedication Program is to enhance selected areas of public land in Seabrook and to give residents the opportunity to donate a park item to commemorate a loved one or an event, for the pleasure of all residents and visitors. The simple process begins by submitting a Park Dedication Application and/or any questions to The City of Seabrook by email or by mail to 1700 First Street, Seabrook TX 77586.

Park Benches

Benches placed throughout Seabrook parks and trails are enjoyed by all ages.  Often you see people resting on a bench and taking in the surrounding nature.  Part of the Park Dedication Application process will be working with a City staff member to find the perfect place for your bench to go.  The Public Works Department will install the bench and plaque you purchase for all to enjoy.


Trees are timeless and appreciated by people and animals alike.  As they grow and provide shade to those out in the parks and trails, they also contribute to Seabrook’s natural canopy for the wildlife to call home.  A list of trees are provided in the Park Dedication Application that typically flourishes in this part of Texas for you to choose from.  Once you have submitted the application, you and City staff will find a favorable location for the tree where you will be able to take care of and water for the first year, Public Works Department will install the plaque you personalized and plant the tree keeping Seabrook beautiful for years to come.

Other Donations

Perhaps you want to dedicate something else to give back to the community such as picnic tables, playground equipment, etc. The City of Seabrook looks forward to your ideas submitted in the Park Dedication Application. City staff will work with you to find high-quality equipment to ensure long life and resistance to the elements for you to purchase and have the Public Works department install. 

Bay Area Veteran's Memorial

The Bay Area Veterans Memorial, located at 1106 Main Street in Seabrook and is a place where family and friends can visit and remember those who served and who are currently serving our great nation.

Bay Area Veteran's Memorial Policy for Dedications, Memorials, Donations and Memorial Guidelines

Granite Plaques

We have limited space for Inscribed Granite Plaques around the memorial. These beautiful custom markers can be designed however you wish, including the use of images and/or logos. You will not find these fine black granite plaques anywhere. They are custom made for the Bay Area Veterans Memorial. Granite Plaques range from $300 to $500 and are offered in full slabs, 1/2 slabs, and 1/4 slabs.


The Bay Area Veterans Memorial in Seabrook has several bricks available for inscription. We encourage you to purchase a brick that will have a permanent home at the memorial. Bricks can have up to 3-lines of text; each line up to 16 characters. Your brick donation of $150 helps to provide funds to maintain the memorial for years to come.