Current Projects

The City of Seabrook strives to build a city that is cohesive and strategically designed to provide the best quality of life to Seabrook residents and visitors. Plans and projects work together to provide roadmaps for city staff in developing a city that works for its people.


City plans vary by department, for example, some are geographically specific, while others include the whole city, and then there are those that are focused on a specific component of city development. Click the links below to learn more about each plan!


Listed below are current city projects many that may affect transit within the city. For more information about city projects please email the City of Seabrook..

Friendship Elevated Water Tower Project (W11)

  • City staff working with Dunham Engineering to develop bid and contract documents week of April 27
  • RFP posted 7/16/2020
  • Bid opening scheduled 08/18
  • Construction rehab portion to begin late summer / early fall
  • Bid opened 8/18/20 with 11 bids received; four lowest bidders were asked to provide management team for review and consideration
  • Viking Painting LLC selected, contract to go to Council 9/15 
  • Council approved contract at 9/15 meeting
  • Staff will wait until peak water use season is over before project start

 Seabrook SMART Water Meter Project

  • Pre-bid vendor meeting held on 8/13
  • Bid opening scheduled for 8/27 (delayed to 9/03 due to Hurricane Laura)
  • Five bids received and staff will review over the week of 9/8 – 9/11 (Kevin, Myra, George, Ashish, Ray, Mike and Brian)
  • Bids reviewed and graded 9/10
  • Staff looking at other professional contract options to reduce unknown cost/project/service risks

Chloramine Conversion (W13)

  • Proposal from Cobb Fendley received Feb. 1
  • Council approved proposal Feb 19
  • Design meeting held 4/30 with Cobb Fendley
  • TCEQ approved plans for construction with addition of spare pump feed at Well #3 (9/3/19)
  • Engineers cost estimate is $177,952.50
  • Project advertise on 9/26 and 10/3
  • Pre-Bid meeting 10/8 
  • Bid Opening 10/22, (2) bids under review by Cobb Fendley
  • Letter of Recommendation to Gemini Contracting Services, Inc. at $198,750
  • Contract under review
  • Bid and Contract approved by Council 11/19
  • Pre-construction held 12/10
  • Cobb Findley waiting on submittals; Notice to Proceed set for Jan 6, 2020
  • Crews on site 01/15 at well 2, running water lines
  • Crew removed the sand separator from Well 3 week of 1/23/2020
  • Installing conduit infrastructure at well sites
  • Project waiting on material delivery (long lead times)
  • Concrete slab for building poured week of 2/10
  • Gemini (contractor) schedule picks back up In April as materials are delivered
  • Delay on materials, project pushed to June
  • Delay on materials, project pushed to August
  • Fiberglass building to ship 9/30

SCADA System Project for Water Utilities (FAC1)

  • Pre-Bid (non-mandatory) meeting held 08/07 with three firms attending
  • Bid opening October 2
  • One bid received; Hahn Equipment at $275,577.00 – SCADA Bid review team met on 10/10 to discuss
  • Review Team consists of Kevin P., George S., Ray H., and Brian C.
  • Bid was graded, Hahn scheduled for 10/16 meeting with staff
  • Meeting went well and expecting a draft contract for review/revision
  • Contract accepted on the 12/18/2018 Council agenda
  • Kickoff meeting held Monday, Feb. 18
  • Schedule received 3/27
  • Hahn crews on site 7/1 and have begun install at Well #2.
  • Install at Well #3 underway 7/11/19
  • Working on communication issues before going live
  • Live training for SCADA scheduled for Monday 9/16/2019
  • Staff is able to operate booster pumps and fill valve at the GST remotely 
  • Friendship Tower on line
  • Red Bluff vault on line 10/16/19
  • Hahn continuing to work on other sites
  • Repsdorph tower on line
  • Working closely with vendor on daily tweaking
  • Water meters to be installed at Red Bluff and Todville 01/22 – 01/23
  • Panel at Todville meter installed
  • Todville meter install installed week of 2/03
  • Conduit installed at Red Bluff vault for SCADA connections
  • Red Bluff water meter installed 04/14
  • Chemical sensors being installed at Repsdorph tank, GST and Well 3 week of 7/20
  • Program interface updated/prepared for chemical analysis data week of 9/14.
  • Staff training on new chemical analysis equipment scheduled for 9/30.

SH 146 City Utility Relocates (CIP W7 and WW8)

  • No work from Franco 4/13 – 5/08/20
  • AT&T and Centerpoint Gas installations week of 05/04
  • Pour express bridge bents #110 and #87 week of 5/04
  • Work on forming additional express bridge bents and footings week of 5/04
  • Pour lower column bent #26 5/22
  • Form column #19 northbound
  • Pour cap bent #21 5/22/20 AT&T running conduit week of 5/18
  • Pour bent #111 5/22
  • Held Monthly TxDOT / RS&H meeting 6/04 to discuss agenda items and hurricane / ongoing drainage issues
  • Removed obstruction from Marvin Circle drainage area west of Hwy 146 6/01
  • Webber to install trench boxes at manhole 15 location to better drain storm flow from Harbor Cove 6/05
  • Joslin to re-mobilize back to Seabrook 6/05 to begin work on drainage infrastructure
  • City crews began connecting sanitary sewers along SH146 north of East Meyer (Change order project from Webber)
  • Forming bent 61, columns 1-2, Form bent 62, column (5) 7/16
  • Pipeline relocations west side of SH146 week of 7/13
  • Install storm sewer laterals, System C week of 7/13
  • Harbor Cove storm sewer repair scheduled for week of 7/10
  • Install storm sewer trunk lines and laterals for System B2 week of 7/27
  • Drill and pour bent shafts, beams, and columns week of 7/27
  • Held SH146 Project Update Meeting with RS&H 8/06
  • Westbound traffic signal at NASA / SH146 timing adjusted per Seabrook request
  • City staff working on sanitary sewer service connections within SH146 corridor (proposed Webber change order avoided), Auto Body Shop connection ongoing week of 8/10/2020
  • Form and pour bents 62, 77, 101, 109 week of 8/10
  • TxDOT, City reps met with Harbour Cove resident for drainage system update 8/24
  • Hurricane Laura evacuations week of 8/24
  • Form bents and upper columns, set overhangs for express lanes week of 9/04
  • Install Harbor Cove junction box and system B2 laterals week of 9/04, hoping to be complete 9/12
  • Franco re-mobilized, looking to begin underground utilities week of 9/14
  • Plan to flush, pressure/leak test and bac-t test in two sections (Repsdorph to Humble Dr and Humble Dr to Red Bluff)
  • TS Beta week of 9/21, limited work schedule
  • Pressure test HW 146 water line Repsdorph to Red Bluff 9/25, results to come

Seabrook Wastewater System Infrastructure Retrofit (PGWWTP, Lift Stations and FMs)

  • Design on WWTP, LS and FM proceeding with preliminary comments provided by Building Official and Fire Marshall on Site plan – Week of 4/13
  • Cobb Findley on sites throughout the City surveying week of 4/6
  • Cobb Findley continues to survey week of 4/13
  • Field work for geotechnical sub GEOTEST Engineering, mark bore locations week of 4/17
  • SWCA conducting force main route alternative analysis through 4/17
  • SWCA finalize project limits and considered alternatives with Cobb Fendley week of 4/20
  • Geotech coring along Red Bluff, Todville, Main Street, and both WWTP sites week of April 27
  • Cobb Fendly preliminary site plan of new LS 21 by Robinson Park
  • Held WWTP Environmental Assessment Draft Discussion meeting with Cobb Fendley and SWCA 06/18
  • Held WWTP electrical meeting on 7/8/2020
  • Work on electrical and fiber designs week of 7/13
  • Review and comment period for plant site, force main and lift stations week of 7/27
  • Held 60% PGWWTP and off site LS and FM plan review meeting 8/4/2020; comments returned to Cobb Fendley.
  • 90% plans expected in the next couple of weeks for review.
  • SWCA submitted draft GLO letter for City review 8/19/20
  • 90% design meeting set up for 9/30

Proposed Projects

  • WW1 East Meyer Pipe Bursting
  • WW9 Pine Gully Wastewater Treatment Plant Retrofit
  • D1 Todville Road Bridge
  • D2 El Mar Ditch
  • D11 Seascape Subdivision HCFCD Bond E-07
  • D12 Baybrook Subdivision HCFCD Bond E-07
  • FAC6 SMART Water Meter Conversion
  • FAC9 City Hall Council Chambers / Court Chambers Security Remodel