Current Projects

The City of Seabrook strives to build a city that is cohesive and strategically designed to provide the best quality of life to Seabrook residents and visitors. Plans and projects work together to provide roadmaps for city staff in developing a city that works for its people.


City plans vary by department, for example, some are geographically specific, while others include the whole city, and then there are those that are focused on a specific component of city development. Click the links below to learn more about each plan!


Listed below are current city projects many that may affect transit within the city. For more information about city projects please email the City of Seabrook. Project listed below were updated on April 11, 2023. 

Sidewalk East Meyer Avenue

This joint City and County project will construct a concrete sidewalk on the north side of East Meyer Avenue from SH 146 to North Meyer Avenue in Seabrook. The total project length is approximately 4,000 LF and will be 5’ wide, except for locations with constraints where minimum width will be 4’. At the west end the sidewalk will tie into the proposed sidewalk for SH 146 Project, which is under construction now. At the east end a crosswalk will be installed crossing East Meyer Avenue. The contractor for the project is Environmental Allies, Inc with low bid and project cost of $664,484.16 and completion time of 120 days from start. Estimated completion is Q3 2023.

Pine Gully Wastewater Treatment Plan Retrofit (CIP WW9)

This project is the complete infrastructure retrofit of the City's Waste Water System to include the relocation of the treatment plant from Main Street to a site located adjacent to the new Public Works facility. This project contains both phases (phase 1 - design; phase 2 - construction) of the wastewater system retrofit. The City's existing WWTP suffered significant damage during Hurricane Ike due to its location to Galveston Bay.


  • Phase I Design – Complete
  • Phase II Construction – August 10, 2021  Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) was awarded. Further construction phasing will be published in Q1 2022.

SH 146 City Utility Relocates (CIP W7 and WW8)

The purpose of this project is to relocate the existing water and sewer line facilities with the existing TxDOT SH146 ROW to a location outside of the new proposed highway improvements.  The city is currently working with TxDOT subcontractor for final water infrastructure connection to close this project out by Q1 2022.

Seascape and Baybrook Subdivision HCFCD Bond E-07  (Harris County )         (CIP D11 and D12) $2,238,000 Total Project Cost 

2018 HCFCD Bond project to modify the Red Bluff Road drainage crossing to F220-02-00 tributary, perform detail study of the storm sewer system in Seascape Subdivision Sec.2 and make improvements based on the study.  As part of the Certificates of Obligation recently issued for 2020, Seascape and Baybrook Subdivision drainage improvement projects were approved as a 50%/50% partnership. Estimated Construction:  January 2022- August 2022.

Rail Spur Project (Port of Houston )  

Construction of approximately 6500 track feet of rail at the Bayport Terminal. This rail will cross State Highway (SH) 146 and connect the existing rail from Strang Rail line to within 900 feet of the Container Freight Station (CFS) Road in the Bayport Intermodal Facility.  This project will also include clearing, grubbing, drainage, rail crossings, signalization and perhaps a sound wall, if required.  Project has restarted with additional sitework in October 2021 with new contractors.  Final rail work and project completion anticipated Q1 2022.